I feel compelled to say something about the fantastic experience of a massage from Lara. It is a multi-dimensional journey: spiritual and physical, uplifting and relaxing, with predictable great quality and surprising results. A massage is an opportunity for letting go and receiving, for balance and peace and for improved body awareness. Lara is able to do all that in one session. I have a long history of massage treatment and more and more I suggest massage as a key component of a healthy lifestyle. It also serves as an extended savasana.-Mike Curtis of The Yoga Place

Getting massages from Lara are great! She doesn’t make me feel like a little kid when I get a massage from Lara. She respects me and always wants to make sure I am comfortable. She also makes my sore muscles feel awesome! Thanks Lara!-Sierra D

Lara has helped me alleviate stress through massage during a very difficult time in my life. She is very thorough, and always in tune with what stress points I am dealing with each session. Lara is always conscious of my comfort both in the environment of her therapy room, as well as tailoring the massage to my needs each visit. With Lara’s help, I am healing through relief of my physical stress, and always leave the sessions feeling rejuvenated emotionally as well.-Zen D.

Lara I loved my visit with you at your spa! It was wonderful! The relaxing effects of my AromaTouch Technique Session lasted for days after my session!-Robin M.

Just think if my massage sessions make people feel like that-imagine how wonderful you will feel working with me as your wellness coach!

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