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First off I’d like to apologize to Madonna for this blog.

“Doctor don’t preach, the pain is intensely deep.

Doctor don’t preach, it’s not because of the wheat I don’t eat.

But, I’ve made up my mind, I’m keeping my gallbladder, oh I’m gonna keep my gallbladder.”

In January of 2011, I almost died.

I was out enjoying our community’s downtown arts district with friends. We were visiting galleries and there was snow on the ground. Something was not right as I was feeling very hot and clammy and I had intense pain in the middle of my chest. It was so painful I had trouble catching my breath. What concerned me was that the pain was also being felt in my right shoulder blade.

I somehow managed to gather up my friends and take them home and drive myself home thinking that maybe I was having a heart attack. I got home ran to the bathroom and vomited. Then started thinking what a horrible type of stomach flu I had come down with yet the pain went away after about an hour or so. It was late and I rationalized to myself that it wasn’t a heart attack and then I remember saying to myself that if I could just sleep peacefully and pain free for the night, I would make an appointment to go see a doctor in the morning to see what was going on with me.

The rest of the night was uneventful and I slept well. I woke up happy to be alive and my gut feeling was whatever this was I was causing it because of how I chose to react to some of the major stresses in my life at the time. We all have them. Mine at the time were wondering when the state was ever going to mail me my massage license, remarriage, blended family, being a stepmom, custody issues with my own children, starting and building my massage practice, etc.

It is my natural inclination whenever I have a health issue to think about the food I had before it happened. We had gone out to dinner and had some delicious Mexican food and margaritas. That had never caused me any issues before and I only had one margarita hours before the pain started. I didn’t think it was what I ate that night.

So I went to the stat care center in the morning and they immediately checked out my heart which tested fine. They palpated my gallbladder which really wasn’t all that sore. Then the doctor proceeded to tell me she thought it was gallstones because I was on a gluten free diet. Huh? She told me that lots of people on a gluten free diet have problems with their gallbladder but was unable to actually give me a research article reference or whatever. She also told me I fit the profile of the five Fs of Gallbladder Disease, that I was Fair, Fat, Forty, Fertile and Female! What the F? Since there was really only one of those characteristics I had any control over I’m not sure how sharing that is at all helpful to a patient?

Anyway, I was referred to a specialist who ordered tests. The tests determined I had a small benign tumor on my liver and evidence of gallstones. So the specialist asked me when I could meet with the surgeon and I told him that wasn’t an option. As I thanked him for his time and started to walk out, he sarcastically said, “see you in sixth months when you are back begging me to remove it.” I replied, “Lucky for me my cells don’t believe you,” and left his office.

I went home and meditated. It came to me that these attacks were occurring when I was in a state of bitterness and anger. I was in a state of resistance about a situation that really wasn’t under my control in the first place. I focused on everything wrong about my life situation and replayed the bad parts and focused on all the negatives about the situation. The situation I had helped to create in the first place! My negative thoughts and more importantly how I reacted to them were literally making me sick! I looked up my symptom in my Louise Hay book, You Can Heal Your Life and there it was: “Problem: Gallstones (cholelithiasis) Probable Cause: Bitterness, Hard thoughts. Condemning. Pride. New Thought Pattern: There is joyous release of the past. Life is sweet, and so am I.”

Traditional doctors couldn’t help me with this so I decided to go see my wonderful friend Dr. Joe at Balanced Health Solutions. Dr. Joe is a chiropractor who specializes in neuro-metabolic diseases. He is also a proponent of holistic medicine. He counseled me and interpreted the blood work I had done and he had lab work done and determined what supplements would help me and support me nutritionally as I healed. We also found I had a right left brain imbalance and he treated me with chiropractic for that.

I had to do the emotional internal work; he helped with the nutritional internal work. He also researched as did I gallbladder and liver cleanses. While those weren’t the most fun, I think they were highly effective and worked in my case. I gave myself so many Reiki treatments, visualized my liver and gallbladder as wonderfully healthy. I meditated…a lot. Gallbladder attacks are a lot like labor to me except that you don’t get a sweet lil baby after the episode. I learned how to “ride the wave” of the attacks. I got to the point where I could imagine them fading away and they would!

I started being grateful for all the functions my liver and gallbladder perform. I learned to be very gentle and loving with myself. I learned to be a little selfish when it came to having me time. I did whatever I could do be a more positive and happy person, including saying goodbye to a few toxic relationships and friendships in my life. Cleaning up my diet was essential as I healed. Beets played an important part because they thin the bile. I found the information on website to be so helpful in my healing process. I learned the acupressure points for the liver and gallbladder. I taught them to my husband so he could treat me during an attack. Stimulating those points during an attack helped it to pass quicker. For a while there I had a really clean strict diet. It was just temporary though and knowing this helped me when I really wanted a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine.

My point in sharing all of this with you is that I was able to keep my gallbladder through nutrition and lifestyle changes and my body healed itself. You can eat all the kale and quinoa in the world and if you aren’t being nourished in the other important areas of your life, your relationships, physical exercise, your career and your spirituality your body will suffer.

Yes, there is joyous release of the past. Life is sweet and so am I.

May all your dreams continue to flourish and flow,


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