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One of the best things I ever did for my relationship was to get down on the floor. My body loved it and I promise you, if you do it enough, yours will too!

Lying on your back on the floor helps your spine to come into alignment it also helps those suffering with back pain. When we are in this position, we are vulnerable and with open hearts, our guard is down and the earth is supporting us and holding us up-making our work here easier. In this position, we allow ourselves to receive and be open to what the universe is giving us. It is in this position that we surrender and accept things as they are. It is the ultimate relaxation pose. On the floor, we let go of the things that are holding us back and keeping us from moving forward. We also sit on the floor for centering and meditation-for going deep inside ourselves. As we rest in Child’s pose, we are relieved of our stress and fatigue. And for some of us, with the utmost love and devotion we lie prostrate in humility, worship and prayer.

So how does all of that apply in a loving relationship? Well, I’m talking about the relationship you have with yourself. When you are on the floor, you see things from a different perspective. A perspective that empowers you to simply see and accept yourself as you are-a part of something much bigger, yet so loved that the earth itself supports you.

So whether I’m on the floor as a mom playing with my children at their eye level, as a yogi deep in my yoga practice or on my hands and knees outside weeding in the garden, I’m reminded that I am love and I am loved.

May all your dreams continue to flourish and flow…

First off I’d like to apologize to Madonna for this blog. “Doctor don’t preach, the pain is intensely deep. Doctor don’t preach, it’s not because of the wheat I don’t eat. But, I’ve made up my mind, I’m keeping my gallbladder, oh I’m gonna keep my gallbladder.” In January of 2011, I almost died. IContinue Reading

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